Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Behind the Zombie Strike Crosscut

So, warriors, the N-Strike Elite Dual-Strike was not the only Spring 2016 release we got the heads up about. You may have see the first peek at the Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut on our youtube channel from a couple days ago. It's a single-shot blaster (two-barreled) that incorporated a rubber-foam blade that actually spins. The blaster will help us ring in the new year at $14.99.

The video is below again in case you are curious.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Nerf N-Strike Elite Dual-Strike Revealed!

Oh, warriors! Meet one of the newest blasters revealed from Nerf. It's the NERF N-Strike Elite Dual-Strike. Heck. YES. 

You can see here that the product is ready for merchandising and yes, it will be released for the Spring 2016 season. What that translates to is that you will possibly see them on shelves ahead of Christmas 2015 as some stores work to get their product out early. BTW, it's set for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

NERF HQ Visit Tomorrow!

Warriors! We are on the eve of a really cool thing. Right now, I am on the way to Rhode Island to visit with the Nerf HQ team and several community contributors.

It's one of the few times that Nerf has brought in just fans off the street to view their facilities and we get to be a part of it! Granted, we aren't quite just "off the street". Several bloggers, youtubers and forum contributors were specially invited by the team to meet up at HQ to see and discuss the up and coming directions that Nerf is headed in.

There is a pesky little NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that stops us from leaking some stuff, but the PR team tells us that there will be plenty of tidbits that we will be released to share.

You may have seen some of the discussion in from our recent hangout with the Nerf HQ team the brought of some SUPER interesting possibilities for what we might see at tomorrow. Are there any burning questions that you are hoping to get the answer too?

Hit us up! ~Chris

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NERF Doomlands 2169 Officially Confirmed!

Official word came down, warriors. The future is now: NERF DOOMLANDS 2169, FALL 2015.

They describe this line as having sci-fi steam-punk designs with visible firing mechanisms. From everything in the product descriptions, it seems that they are actually intending this to be more of a cyberpunk affiliation with a wild west flair. In fact, the folks over at gizmodo call this a mix of Mad MaxStar Wars, and Firefly. Firefly has been in my head, but Borderlands comes up on its heals too. 

I also find it interesting that Nerf's second theme-based line is placed in a post-apocalyptic setting line like Zombie Strike is. They describe the Doomlands this way: "The post-apocalyptic wasteland once known as earth is filled with bands of marauding thieves and all manners of creatures."

It's a Target exclusive to start with. You may remember that Zombie Strike Started out the same way with the first few in their line too.  It makes sense that the Walmart exclusive Split Strike will come out about the same time. I wonder what else Toys R Us will get? I imagine that we'll see the Doomlands line expand to other stores by at least Spring 2016.

Here's the word-for-word details with high-resolution images on the two new blaster that have been leaking out and appearing.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Questions Answered During Nerf HQ Hangout 2015

The season is upon us, Warriors -The smell of new blasters is in the air! That and we had another chance to sit down with NERF HQ to ask some burning questions about their products. We asked some pressing questions that have developed on the community and got to watch fellow bloggers and enthusiasts in action as well. You'll be seeing their coverage pop up as well, I'm sure. Blasterlabs, Foam From Above, Lord Draconical, Nerd Drop, Nerf Haven and Shining Foam all had good questions to throw out there during this exclusive Google Hangout with design, brand and marketing team members.

Every time we get together with the team at Nerf HQ, whether it's on Hangouts, in person at release parties, or just trading e-mails - you can tell that they all have an actual passion for what they do. There is a lot of fun in playing with these toys, but a lot of fun in making them too! We aren't allowed to share visuals and audio from the event, but if I could, I guarantee that I could pick out dozens of smiles for you from the entire panel (both HQ team members and NIC members).

Thursday, June 11, 2015

SplitStrike Officially Confirmed for Fall 2015

Our contacts at Nerf will officially note that the blaster leaked in these images is called the SplitStrike. It's set up to be a Walmart exclusive and to be sold starting August 1 of this year. The suggested retail price is supposed to be $19.99 which is a bit steep-sounding for what it can do.

They didn't call it an Elite blaster, but the writing is on the wall . . . of the blaster if you look closely in a shot.

They don't have any official images yet, but are working on getting us some beauty shots and a little more info.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

NY Attorney General and Amazon Stifle AirForce Blowguns?

Updated June 6th:

Warriors, I just got a heads up on something sad. The NY Attorney General's crusade against toy guns has possbily killed a product of one of the companies we have proudly covered in the past. Air Force Blowguns is still selling on their own website here:

According to the company, they were rocking 70 orders per day exclusively through Amazon up to December of last year. They were really rocking it and just about to make the next order to the factory when Amazon pulled the plug on their online sales. No explanation was given for days and then they finally cited a letter.

You see, in December 2014, the Attorney General's office of the state of New York sent cease and desist letters to major retailers they accused of selling realistic looking toy guns. Amazon's response was to arbitrarily pull certain toy guns and blasters off of their digital shelves.

Owners Zac & Becky Poulter say of Amazon: "They have some attorneys looking into the NY statute, but I don’t think it’s a real high priority for them. Just easier to pull us down. We realize we sell a really “politically incorrect” product…"

So, Amazon's excuse is that they apparently can't get their software to simply prevent sales to New York state. That sounds lame. I have contacted them to see if they have a clarification or response to this. So far, there has been no response to my contact.

I'm not sure how you can justify keeping this up on the site:
YK Night Hawk M16+
when you won't sell this:

Air Force Blowgun

Regardless, AirForce Blowguns is selling what they have left on their own website at

In their own words: "We’ve considered other options, but have decided to just sell through what is left.  When they’re gone, they’re gone for good," said the Poulters.

They are still running a special though, so maybe there is hope for a rebound!

"We’re also running a Father’s Day special - Get a free 50 pack of darts for every two guns purchased by June 20th. (If you’re trying to get them for Father’s day though, you need to allow a week for shipping.)"